Big Win Football 2016

Big Win Football 2016

Go for the BIG WIN! Play the #1 Football game on Google Play

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 1.2
  • Updated: June 29, 2016
  • Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up
  • Installs: 1,000,000 - 5,000,000



Take on the role of GM as you build and boost your football dream team!
Your team. Your choices. Your win.

* IMPROVE your dream team with new ALL-STAR, SUPERSTAR and LEGEND players!
* CUSTOMIZE your team across the board with full team and player customization!
* WATCH your team battle for victory, and lead them to victory with powerful BIG IMPACT cards!
* COMPETE against teams from all over the world!
* BOOST player skills with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum skill boost cards!

* BIG BOWLS – Battle your way to the top of the standings in daily Big Bowl challenges!
* TOURNAMENTS – Take on the world in limited time tournaments for a chance to win HUGE prizes!
* QUICK PLAY – Keep it quick and test your skills, one game at a time!
* FRIENDS – Connect to Facebook and challenge your friends! Trade team codes and challenge new Big Win players anytime, anywhere!

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30,866 total
5 18,359 
4 4,269 
3 2,552 
2 1,503 
1 4,183 

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Trevor Labay Published date: August 1, 2016

    Team overall doesnt even matter The game was great till they updated. I had finally designed a winning team. It was fantastic. I would play a 20 game season and go like 17 and 3 almost every time. My teams overall was like a 98. I was destroying teams with an overall less than 80. Because the point of a football franchise is to build a team your proud of. But now that they have updated the game my team can hardly when 2 games in a row. I mean im losing to a team that can be a 39 overall win im a 98. What the point if having a "good Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    boomkittyFX Published date: October 19, 2016

    Big bucks for everything Can you add a bronze card pack and make silver packs cost 1000 coins and gold packs 10 big bucks and stop using all big bucks so you can get cheap bronze skill boosts! We want more boosts bigwin. Also my thing restarted. MY TEAM "CATS" WAS A GOOD TEAM!!! WHY RIP BIGWIN. YOUR DEAD!!! Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Chris Green Published date: October 17, 2016

    Knowledge of the sport I like being the General Manager of my teams. It helps to have patience and an imagination: building a team or teams from the ground up is fun, but it takes time. If you are a true football fan, you will enjoy playing this game. True fans know that any team can be beat at any time regardless what the rating. That's called an " UPSET " Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Brian Cochran Published date: September 15, 2016

    Good game I'd rate it higher but lately when my opponent is on 4th down my team sets up for a punt but my opponent runs a regular play. What the hell? That cost me the game on more than one occasion. If there's a way to opt out of punting I'd like to know otherwise fix this. Tight games shouldn't be won or lost on a glitch. Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    j p Published date: July 16, 2017

    Needs so much improvement. Literally get matched up against 125 overalls constantly. To make the game fair it should make you get matched up against people your level. I'm a 83 overall playing 125, 99 , 102, 94 overall teams and getting my butt kicked. I can't play a single bowl due to the fact I get matched up against literally every 125 overall in the game. NEEDS SOOOOO MUCH WORK. Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Amir Muhammad Published date: December 11, 2016

    Great Game but... I really love this game, I had it for years. But I don't really like that new update where you switched out all of the players names with opponent. You even did that for the team name. It would be really cool if you could switch it back. Thanks Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    AJ Lechtenberg Published date: October 1, 2016

    Wonderful Football Simulator I absolutely love this game. The gameplay is smooth, the ads are minimal, and pay-to-win is not as dominating as it is in other games. I only have three things that I wish were added. Having a second lineup/second string in case starters get injured. When players do get injured, you can have the option to bench them for a certain number of games instead of paying gold to heal them. Having both an Away and Home uniform to prevent teams from having nearly identical uniforms on the field at once. Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    conner lund Published date: November 29, 2017

    You guys need to fix the onside kicking or I'm done. The opposite team always onside kick to the middle where NONE of my players can get it. Its never kicked to them. Its an automatic recovery for them every time. Ive had a team recover their onside kick 3 times in one game. 3. Bad bug. Thumbs down. Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Dustin Sane Published date: November 18, 2017

    Overall, great game. Great layout makes everything more advanced. Just one thing, the app advertises that it has a 2016 update, but on my home screen, it says "Big Win Football 2015." Plus the update, "The popcorn vendor has been shown the door, plus other minor updates," what does this mean? Is it a metaphor? What? Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Ruby Houston Published date: January 11, 2017

    Great game but major issue I had this game a few years ago and now I installed it again. So I run low on coins and I watch videos and get no coins in return. I watched 7 videos not a single coin I got in return. I love the game, but I cant buy big impwct cards wnd I keep on losing. Fix this please. Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Pantherlord Published date: July 27, 2017

    I like the game overall but there are a few bugs that need to be fixed. I've often started a match just to have it crash. I've also bought several platinum player packs just to have a blank screen appear! 100 bucks down the drain. Other then the bugs though the game is a great time killer and the matches are very entertaining to watch. Hope the bugs are patched. Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Brodric Copning Published date: September 17, 2016

    Needs work This game is fun and addictive but still needs work. If u play a team with a higher rank or a team that has (PC) in the team name, chances are your going to lose. Also I believe they find ways for those teams to win like ridiculous fumbles or onside kicks. If game was more realistic it would be so much better. Please fix the issues Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Ysabelle Patino Published date: November 10, 2016

    Really enjoy it I love being able to customize the players! I have encountered an issue, though. Every time I try to compete in a big bowl, an error message shows up and restarts the app. I will definitely give 5 stars once this is fixed Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Published date: December 16, 2017

    I like the inspiration for this game. I like pretty much any type of football game. But, not this one. I like a football game that you can actually play. You just sit there and watch your team play. Not only do you not get to play this game, you don't even get to decide what play your team runs or anything. They should fix these problems, then maybe i'll think about installing it again. Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Tyson Hallin Published date: September 25, 2016

    I have my ups and downs I like the game but only big bucks for packs now is outrageous!! I liked the very first version of this game when like 150 coins were for a bronze pack :(. But to everyone who says the game is boring, I say that you dont experience fun because this application gives a huge adrenaline rush Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Chris Runyon Published date: August 1, 2017

    Game is absolutely horrible! The AI of the computer is nothing less than stupid, it makes you run on 4 and 15.. almost never hits open guys on your team, but hits them on the opposing team. Other teams have injured players playing but they can still run, catch, juke, etc like nothing is wrong with them. Terrible Game! Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Bill Lang Published date: October 25, 2016

    Crap game. My team had a 101 rating, 38th level, and I played 3 gold cards. Home team. Against a team with a 69 rating, 12th level, and played 2 blue cards. I lost 35-17. And this happens a lot. I understand that my team may have a bad game and that the "lesser" team might play a great game, but not 4 times out of 10. The teams also make ridiculous decisions on the field, like running the ball on 3rd and 12. The developers obviously do not know how football is played. Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Josiah Goering Published date: October 2, 2017

    Don't waste your time. I spent over an equivalent of $80 (what in-game currency was worth) and got only 3 legendary players. This game will frustrate you with it's randomness and shove advertisements down your throat the whole time. It also frequently crashes and seems as if the developers are completely checked out and just cashing in. Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Corey Frase Published date: October 9, 2016

    This is a waste of time and money I hate this game. It doesn't even give fair match ups. Even if you buy big bucks it doesn't help. Don't waste time on any big win games. Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Deryk Schudy Published date: August 7, 2017

    Whatever that term is for when people purposely throw their rating in order to play weaker players, that's what happens here. My brand new team of bronze players at level 40 loses over and over against a lvl 20 team of legendaries. Fun concept for about twenty minutes but then it's just pay to win...maybe win. Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    jenn mcm Published date: September 6, 2016

    Unfair I'm always getting put with propped like 15 over my overall. And I loss almost every time. And when I get put with people 15 below my over I lose. I lost a game to a 28 over team (I'm 59ovr) I had three big impact cards he had zero and I lost 20-10 its bs Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Jimmy Scanlon Published date: January 1, 2017

    TERRIBLE EXCUSE FOR ANY FOOTBALL SIMULATION!!!! PAY TO WIN BY DEFINITION. I HAVE THE CODES TO PROVE IT. WITH MY NAME ON IT. DARE ME. I have forgotten more about football than ALL of your creators know put together. What does 21 personnel mean? That's right boy.. look it up. PATHETIC APP!!! Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Randy Zimmerman Published date: March 1, 2017

    Needs work! Has improved some. Still lose to teams worse than me plenty but not as bad as it was. Now I don't like that over half the time I'm not receiving my big bucks when I do something to get free ones :/ quit cheating me! Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    TheGamingMonkey Published date: April 13, 2017

    I love the graphics and the idea of the game overall. But when I play this, I want the to have the feeling that I am the head coach/manager. I dont want to be limited to choosing my players and uniforms. I want to control the games. Choose the next plays. Take risks that I have too. This is a game I want, and if you need me to pay for a game like this, i would. Please, make this a reality. My dream is to have an app like this, where I am head coach. Thanks Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Slayar Published date: December 20, 2016

    I have my gripes. This game...can be so entertaining, but it can also be the center of your rage while playing this. I like the customization, but I DON'T like the fact that they charge you coins for customizing, I don't like the play calling, I don't like the BS matchups, and I surely don't like the losses to 29 OVR teams. But, this game is like gambling. You can't stop coming back to it... Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Obs Funtionz Published date: September 25, 2017

    How you lose to a lower overall, when yours is higher? Can we at least get home away jerseys for when we are playing home or away. Also more routes for a reciver and qb decisions to run out of the pocket when the o line is collapsing. Better play calling needs to be fixed. Add highlights like Big Win Basketball. Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    WIA196 Published date: April 23, 2017

    Waste of time as the actual gameplay is very restrictive. You are beholden to predetermined scripts during games regardless of your pass/run preference on offense. Cannot create your own formations/plays so true creativity is limited. All you can really do is spend big bucks on better players, throw some skill boost on them and game cards and just hope the script favors you to win by 3 points with your 104 rated team against your opponent's 59 rating. Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    David Smits Published date: January 6, 2017

    Not a good game The ranking system has no basis on the outcome. The time you spend building your team, increasing their attributes, and selecting the best cards to help you on your way to victory are all a waste of time as they mean nothing. The old version was great. This new version gives you little opportunity to get cash and charges obscene amounts for the attributes and players that don't actually help you win. Do NOT download this game. Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Thomas Bob Published date: November 22, 2017

    This used to be my favorite mobile game until the day I am posting this when the new update came out. Whenever I watch a video for coins or for big bucks it gives me absolutely nothing Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    hunter wood Published date: March 5, 2017

    It so annoying having to worry about losing to a team that is like 30 overall worse and my team is 71. So you guys need to work on that bc i cant win anything my team keeps goin like 2-8 on the 10 bowl Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Jay Alexander Published date: April 6, 2017

    The matchmaking is totally unfair. I have a 52 overall team and I verus a 126 team. What the hell, please fix this or my time with this game is done. Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Robert Phillips Published date: April 16, 2017

    Game is total bullshit. Big impact cards do not work. Seems they only work for the opposing team. Played several games in a row playing iron curtain and got no sacks yet the opposing team sacks me multiple times without playing that card. Played break it up card several times with no interceptions yet teams I play against dont play that card and pick me off multiple times. Get beat regularly by teams rated 30 or 40.pts lower than me yet when i play teams rated higher than me I get dominated and blown out. Complete waste of time. Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Joey Goetschius Published date: August 24, 2016

    . Was done when my team fumbled about 10 times against a 28 rated out of contract team with the strip it big impact card, it was half the time one of my players carried the ball, a bit much even for an impact card thats not even gold impact Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Bryner Joseph Published date: January 14, 2017

    It sucks Do you guys even know what matchmaking is. This is the dumbest sports game I've ever played Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Troy Lawton Published date: September 9, 2016

    Took my money I purchased $20.90 of big bucks and it didn't post to my game but the money came out of my bank account. I have emailed twice with no response. What has happened to this game. Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    LAB Gaming Published date: May 13, 2017

    Love this game, flawless, except for one thing, the matchmaking is ridiculous, im ranked 54 and I play a team ranked 112!!! Now I lost the bowl because i had to play someone twice my rank and the others didn't. EDIT: alright, I am so happy... Level 2 vs level 125 idk how I could score against all the gold and all star players... Screw your matchmaking. Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Tiger Animations Published date: August 13, 2016

    Why u so mad? All you do is watch football in real life. So if you don't like this app, you don't like football. Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Orange Skies Published date: September 25, 2016

    Came back to play ... It would be cool if you can rematch teams you already played in your teams history. *Old review* ------------------------------------------------------------Came back to play this game... it's basically PAY to win now. Everything became stupidity high. The cards you earn playing regular games are so trash. Don't get this game. I gets worse everytime I come back to see if it's better. Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    Published date: October 28, 2016

    Super dumb and boring i have a 63 overall rated team and i lost to a 43 overall team and you dont even controll the dumb game creaotor u must be very idiotic Full Review

  • Big Win Football 2016
    R3tr0 Smalls Published date: May 5, 2017

    This game is so unfair. You have to pay 250 for all stars and 100 for boosts. I liked it better when boosts came with the pack you bought. Also how can a level 104 lose to a 59, or a 45, or better yet, a 39? What about these unfair match ups. It gets on my nerves when I am put with a level 125 or 126. This game is just too much and I want it to go back to the way it was 3 years ago. Full Review