Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

Experience intense cricket action with Sachin Tendulkar.AS REAL AS IT GETS!

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 1.0.1
  • Updated: January 4, 2018
  • Requires Android: 4.4 and up
  • Installs: 1,000,000 - 5,000,000




Get ready to play as the legendary master blaster himself in all his glory! Hit shots the way he did, in iconic matches that he led to victory and in authentic stadiums with real-world conditions. We put you in Sachin’s shoes to live and experience the cricketing adventure of god himself.

Choose from over 100 cricketers and build your dream team. Compete on the leaderboard in timed events and chase the dream to become the ultimate cricket champion and meet Sachin himself.

Exclusive Features:

Legendary Mode
o Play as the master blaster himself in his most iconic matches from his past in the same conditions and stadiums as he did. Start the journey of a young 16-year-old Sachin that made him a legend and play his glorious career of 24 years.
o Earn Reputation Points [RP] as you progress through Sachin’s career. Collect enough RP to compete in different time-limited events.

Events Mode
o Build your dream team and play a full game as a 11-man squad in up to 50 over matches and compete with real players in the game to fight for the top spot in leaderboards.
o Multiple time-limited events hosted every month that allows you to play your team against other teams.

Player Cards
o Over 100 Legendary cricketers to be collected and added to your team.
o Acquire players from recent teams and yesteryears and build your own team.
o Cricketers have varied levels of Rarity ranging from common to legendary.

o All new revolutionary real-world batting system that emulates real-world playing conditions which result in authentic batting experiences.
o Play the game in its truest form (zone based bat connections) i.e. well-timed connection of the bat with the ball defines the outcome of the shot and a miss timed connection could result in a catch.
o Motion captured batting shots of Sachin himself that allows you to play all his legendary shots the way he does.
o Dynamic camera angles that allow you to relive your shots from the best angles.
o Replay camera – Experience the beauty of the shot in slow motion as you knock one out all the way.
o Watch fielders pull out the ball from thin air to take stunning catches.
o Fielders slide and dive to reach the ball just like in actual games.

Authentic stadiums
o Play in world famous stadiums from around the globe.
o Gameplay emulates pitch conditions of that stadium.

Physical rewards & Leaderboards
o Battle friends and other players alike, to win trophies and other in-game rewards.
o Stand a chance to win authentic signed merchandise from Sachin himself by winning the leaderboard events.
o Win other exciting rewards from different time-limited events that you win.
o Win Streak – Win matches in succession to get extra rewards.

Permissions Required:
*GET_ACCOUNTS- GET_ACCOUNT - This is to verify if our user is synced with the Google account on mobile, and generate the key value for each user.
*READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Ad Network Permission
*WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Ad Network Permission
*RECORD_AUDIO - This is required for Zapr SDK which is integrated with this app for the purposes of profiling the device on media consumption and other device data and utilizing the same to target relevant content and ads to the device ("Services") pursuant to the terms and conditions of RBL Services ("Terms of Use").
*ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION/ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION/READ_PHONE_STATE - These permissions are needed to show suitable ad content for targeted user for better ad experience


98,383 total
5 64,711 
4 12,072 
3 7,075 
2 3,264 
1 11,261 

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    Prabhakar Shankhadhar Published date: January 12, 2018

    Hi thanks for making such a good game. Graphics are great. But there are some issues I am facing. First is when I play shots it shows that ball has cleared boundary. Than suddenly it show that catch has been taken by fielder. Other is while playing event mode I score so many points and enter into top 5% or top 10% that means I am going to win a big prize. Suddenly a player shows with end number of points which can't be earned and I am left with no prize. That guy was not in top 3 . How is this possible. In an event one can't earn 10000000 points. There is a suggestion as well that when a player out in event mode his scored runs should be visible on screen . Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    syed ismail Published date: January 13, 2018

    Graphics wise game is very good but it has some issues to be cleared. 1. It gets stucked while playing. Due to this i get out all the tme. Need smooth play. 2. Cancel run button is required. 3. Need more shots in the game. 4. Playing for a single man is getting bored now. Please add some extra features like to play tournaments except events because in events we can only play until players are charged. If we get tournaments it will be awesome. If i get this issues cleared i will definitely provide 5 star. For the issues i am giving 4. Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    Pritam Patil Published date: January 12, 2018

    Add second run cancelled button. Give chance to buy new player when playing event. In a event mode add tournaments & give chance to play 50 over as batsman and bowler also. Show bowling speedometer before bowl release and show battling meter after bowl hit for know early pickup shot, late pickup or perfect pickup. Show cancelled run button for long time while taken second run. Please do this chances early...... Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    Prashant Dhawase Published date: January 8, 2018

    Cricket in India is passion. So some bugs are not acceptable at all. 1. Bouncer outside off stump if we play hook shot ball will go out of stadium but batsman is out for no reason. (Power mode on) 2. Some balls are unplayable. Controls are not smooth. 3. Its not ok if game is difficult and we will have to see many advertisement. 4. Graphics is good no complaints for that. 5. Criteria for giving out should be timing not the particular ball. 6. Ball outside off stump n play sweep shot still it will definitely hit 4. Plz solve these bugs.. (as this comment is very well documented (i have given steps to reproduce too)). Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    Jatin Bhatia Published date: January 12, 2018

    Wow... don't play this game in event mode... you will play hard day and night in event mode to earn rewards, but they won't give you anything at all... i have earned 455th rank playing hard day and night in last event of India Gaming Show 2018... i have earned a lot of rewards and they are showing you have earned such rewards, but i have still not got these rewards... and the event alreay ended on 12th January. And after that, I have stopped playing this game even in legend mode. Sachin Tendulkar, this name means a lot to me as I consider him the God of Cricket... but with this game, they are spoiling his name. Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    Published date: January 15, 2018

    Very nice controls and story mode. But I am not able to collect rewards after the completion of an event. It shows that I have won a certain prize but it does not add in my gems and money. Please fix it , this has happened 4 times now. If I won't get money how will I unlock players . Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    Jyotiranjan Rout Published date: January 11, 2018

    Addictive, good work Jet Play. Positives: ------- 1. Very nice and unique gameplay. 2. Graphics is simply wow during gameplay, 3rd Umpire replay and game replay. 3. Sachin's journey is represented very well with description. 4. Controls are very well implemented. 5. Ads are implemented very nicely. Negatives: ------ 1. Too many dangerous permissions. Please try to show ads without any major permissions. 2. If notification comes during the game, it slows down. Improvements: ------- 1. If the ball is RED, the side screen colour should be white. 2. Implement flood light stadium, Pink ball cricket event. 3. If Shane Warne (who is a bowler) has 5 energy, how can I use him? There is no bowling mode. 4. RP deduction should be rebalanced. Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    somesh King Published date: January 8, 2018

    I won G. Macgreat in friday finishers event. I worked hard nd played so many matches to get him but after event over i got 120 gems but didn't got G. Macgreat player 😠 this is so disappointing. I love this game even completed full carrier mode but i think time to uninstall this game. If we r not getting our players wht is the use of wasting our precious time on playing this game. Really disappointed Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    MSC Ke Videos Published date: January 11, 2018

    I think you should work on the following points to make this game to the Editor's choice. 1.DRS should be included.(Compulsory) 2.Sachin's Leg break should be also available for us.India has won many matches because of his bowling. 3.Toss should be available in Events. 4. We should not be dependent on our internet. Otherwise it is a good game. Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    Farhad Rahman Published date: January 20, 2018

    Hi guys, awesome work, this is the best cricket game. One thing I want to suggest, why don't u guys make player profile with social id, I mean like other online games, jeyse ki #coc #8ballpool etc, where we can see which friends are playing this game, we can contest with each other. Please think about it Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    AMBRESH BELAGAL Published date: January 20, 2018

    I would have rated 5 stars if the commentary was better... It irritates... And sometimes ball travels in jet speed and it will be near the boundary but the catch is taken in 15 yards.... There is no net or practice session to get better understanding of the game.... Still a better game compared to many other games... Please fix the issues... And more shots on offside... Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    Febin Joseph Published date: January 16, 2018

    The game graphics looks really cooool!!!!! But some urgent updating required. like 1. too perfect bowling and fielding, no no balls, no drop catches 2. every ball is played by sachin. even if you run a single, you are able to play the next ball what so ever seemed illogical. All the best Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    ARINDAM CHAKRAVORTY Published date: January 16, 2018

    When it comes to graphics and gameplay, this game is simply awesome. But customer support is absolutely worthless. I had made an in-app purchase and had reached level 17, then I reinstalled the game after a factory reset and to my utter surprise all my progress was lost and I couldn't get back any of it. So I decided to uninstall the game. I hope if I could get back my progress. Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    snehal chodankar Published date: January 6, 2018

    I am uninstalling this game becoz of slow loading. Game is not loading only ... I m currently using jio 4G and also I checked the the jio speed twice but when I tried to open this game I was waiting for about 10 min for this game to open. This game was still loading. Please do fix this loading problem soon or else players will loose interest from this game. Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    Mega Tube Published date: January 7, 2018

    Average. Just playing it for Sachin Tendulkar. The controls are not at all good. Even though graphics are better than all most all cricket games for Android but controls are too bad. Can't find a good gap and I find a fielder soon as I play a lofted shot. I'm sorry but pathetic game control development. Hope u introduce new control system like what WCC2 or else better u remove the biggest game of the century tag. Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    Kushal Rao Published date: January 22, 2018

    Controls suck, no option of moving the batsman, this cause my batsman just to swing and mostly get and edge and get out. No timing meter, no DRS, no way to know when to hit the ball. Most surprising thr is no such thing as NO BALL, when almost all the bouncers go way above the head. No special shots and no real reason wanting us to come back and play. Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    manoj balaji Published date: January 6, 2018

    Good intentions and ideas but sucks in control, shot selections, varietied. It's clear that we cross line but still it's been given as run out. How stupid is that. Lot of bug's and lags.. overrated game. Boring after few games, lacks innovation and all round game. Introduce proper logic, shots and allow to bowl.. Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    Mayuresh Parab Published date: January 13, 2018

    Flop controlls. Every time loft shot attempted and its caught. Sachin did not play shots like professional. Mostly balls goes dots and no runs come up. Yorker balls bolds sachin. Seriously flop game. Why do batsman not designed to play yorkers and bouncers. Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    Pritish Dey Published date: January 12, 2018

    One of the better cricket games on mobiles with Sachin as a icon. However there are a lot of Bugs which plagues the game like running between wickets,game modes. Also the game suddenly stops loading. Haven't been able to play the game more than once as it just doesn't load on my Op5 device Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    saurav shrivastava Published date: January 16, 2018

    I have mailed the feedback as well. But haven't received response from the team. To be frank, there is very little effort from the makers of this game in improving gamer experience. As an example, I haven't received my rewards for last two events. Suggest me what should I do?? Please do not expect a 5 star from a strict gamer like me on a sloppy experience from your team. Thanks. Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    Mohammed Shoeb Memon Published date: January 23, 2018

    Worst cricketing game Don't download dis game ekdam bakwaas, 2 mb game is better than this Atleast it starts & we can play. Cannot connect to server always I Unistalled and installed it so many times, But always same prblm game not starting. Jio h mtlb mbs waste krega kya Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    tika sangha Published date: January 5, 2018

    Game isn't working please fix this problem.. It's keep loading.worst game as well as your service.. I sent you mail to solve my problem but I didn't get any reply.. I redownloaded this game 10× times but didn't work even single time.. Very disappointed with your game and service Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    sunil chauhan Published date: January 12, 2018

    Even after finishing in top 10% rewards are not given for Indian Qualifier event and same was during last to last week weekend challenge... Pathetic experience.. even after playing so good for reward you are not giving.... Whats the use of showing rewards for different ranks when you are not going to give it... Waste of time... Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    Waleed Tariq Published date: January 12, 2018

    I played the special sachin event day and night and finished in Champions region. It says you got award but not a single one was added in my profile. Kindly make sure of awarding awards to all. It really disappoints. Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    Sabareesh Nair Published date: January 12, 2018

    I have one complain. Although this is the best cricket game I ever played on mobile.. I have been playing your Indian qualifiers event for last 5-6 days and Ranked 702 and I was in the bracket of Champions.  Today morning when I checked after  the end of event it's shows my reward which was supposed to be credited but the same hasn't been credited in my account.  Please resolve this issue Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    Nakul Pandotra Published date: January 11, 2018

    Big fraud and cheaters. I was in top 5% in their event indian qualifier. I played for a week day and night. But at the end of the event, they did not give me ny reward prize fo the event. Cheaters. Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    Shriharsh Nalawade Published date: January 16, 2018

    Totally unfair. I played the week long event and came in top 5% but did not get any rewards mentioned. This is not done at all. Don't link the name of Sachin to this game if you guys are going to do such unethical things. Also the developers don't even care to reply on this platform or even over the mail. Pathetic. And to top that they will selectively reply on the reviews which are not about their event mode. 😠 Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    Rasool Basha Published date: January 11, 2018

    Real cheating game. In events it was shown so many rewards, top 10% qualify for igs in bengaluru. I played day and night for 5 days to qualify and finished with 52 rank, now when event is over and it shows you did not win any rewards. It really sucks. Atleast give us what you promised in rewards column. Do not believe rewards and play. Utterly disappointed Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    VIJAYAKUMAR R Published date: January 14, 2018

    Good game but field need to be improved, 1. Slow throw and mostly to bowler even the fielder was very close to the keeper, 2. Bowler may bowl variations, that will make the game more interesting 3. Sachin was also a excellent bowler so may include bowling also, 4. Need to improve commentary. 5. Offline league or match needto added as online mode, delay the starting of game starts, 6. Problem in 2nd run and cancellation of run. Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    Saurav Kumar Published date: January 12, 2018

    In events I played the igs qualifications and came in d top 5% and now when d event is over I m not getting any rewards. Really disappointed. Plz fix dis.....and give our rewards as promised....... Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    debarun das Published date: January 20, 2018

    The game is really good... But a scoreboard while playing event mode will be good... and also in event mode my winning streak is getting stuck in 5games.... though i have won around 40games in a row... will be great if u guys can help Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    Mayur Bhujbal Published date: January 10, 2018

    Hi Team, I am big fan of SRT, Cricket nd your game. Yesterday I had updated game but now I am not able to play the game it's just loading. It's too irritating me. Can you look into this sort out the issue asap. Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    Pravin Dhulap Published date: January 12, 2018

    Below are the things that has to incorporated in coming update: 1. Tournament matches: So that users can play matches where they can bowl and bat too with bought players. 2. Run button is not smooth or you can say that it is not accurate. NEEDS IMPROVEMENT. 3. MOST OF THE USERS PLAYS EVENT MATCHES AND EXPECT THE REWARDS IN RETURN AS THEY QUALIFIED AT PARTICULAR LEVEL. Myself had been qualified twice under 100 top-ranked and for other events also but even after qualifying as per the reward policy, NO USERS HAD RECEIVED THE REWARDS. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. 4. DRS option should be there in a match and also there are small bugs too. MOST OF THE USERS ARE SACHIN'S FAN. SO #JETPLAYS PLS MAKE IT PERFECT. Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    ayush aggarwal Published date: January 14, 2018

    Many times i dont get rewards for the positions i hold in events... sometimes column shows none category for the current reward bracket... this makes me annoy.. second i dnt understand the value of taking bowlers in ur playing 11.. no balnace benefit.. only batsman are benrfitial Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    Ronak Shah Published date: January 15, 2018

    Played so many events on the game and never got any of the rewards. Just a screen saying the rewards have been added. The service is also had have written to them 3 times regaridng the reward not coming but never even got a reply. Don't download unless you want to spend a lot of time without any rewards to show for it. Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    Ashpreet Singh Published date: January 12, 2018

    Game was superb no Doubt, But there are no special modes available like tournaments or tours, or playing with teams , And 7-8 shots just,, And at last.. Running is too bad.. often Run out so that thing is too frustrated.. please add few shots, Modes... One more thing whem there is a Mis hit it always goes straight catch to the fielder & never got dropped.. Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    Praman Deep Singh Published date: January 7, 2018

    Please give users chance to revive sachin after viewing an ad as it was before. After this update, it's asking for gems to revive him. Also add a scoreboard in events mode and show it when batsmen gets out. Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    Arun S Published date: January 14, 2018

    Everything is perfect expect the runout review of 3rd umpire. Shows a non related running replay instead of the real one. I got out for this stupid replays many times. Please try to resolve it to bring to get full game entertainment. Thanks . Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    anupama gaddam Published date: January 12, 2018

    Graphics are good. But controls are too bad we can't play correct shots with those controls. And only the original player is on-strike when taken a run. How is that possible? Overall game is good, but it need some improvements to be done. Full Review

  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions
    rakesh r Published date: January 21, 2018

    Why I'm not able to connect to server?? Internet signal strength is full. It gives error msg as Unable to connect to Server, waiting for internet connection Full Review