Stickman Football

Stickman Football

American Football!, designed in a way you never played it before.

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 1.7
  • Updated: June 2, 2017
  • Requires Android: 2.3 and up
  • Installs: 5,000,000 - 10,000,000



American Football!, designed in a way you never played it before. Be part of the action, be the Quaterback, control your player directly. Tired of just choosing moves from the playbook? Meet Stickman Football, play and directly control your favorite hero in every detail, tackle, pass, run or trick the defenders while going for your first touchdown!

Stickman Football finally joins the well known Stickman Sports game collection consisting of Stickman Soccer, Stickman Soccer 2014, Stickman Tennis, Stickman Tennis 2015, Stickman Basketball and Stickman Ice Hockey.

Experience pure football fun with fast paced gameplay, an astonishing atmosphere, stunning smooth animations, simple controls, insane action and tons of replay value. Choose your favorite football team and rank up while playing various seasons, cups in spectacular stadiums or simple dominate in a quick game or future football style matches. You have full control over your players with manual running, passing and tackling your opponents. Choose your favorite football team from more than 32 different skilled teams and lead them to glory!

• Stickman Football supports MOGA and other iOS 7 MFi game controllers

• From the makers of various top hits like Stickman Soccer, Stickman Basketball, Stickman Downhill, Stick Stunt Biker, Stickman Tennis, Stickman Cliff Diving, Stickman Base Jumper, Rope'n'Fly and more...

• Bone-breaking tackling action
• Selectable tactics: short or long passes, running, punt, field goals, …
• Quick game and tutorial mode with football rules explained by your coach.
• Different season modes: Short Season, Long Season, The Bowl, Djinnworks Cup, North-West Cup, South-East Cup, Top 8 Tournament
• Bonus Future Football game
• 32 football teams to choose from
• Various stadiums and configurable game time
• 4 difficulty levels for longterm motivation (easy, medium, hard, pro)
• Simple yet powerful touch controls with timing control
• Match statistics
• Smooth animations with 60 frames per second
• Compete with your friends with the integrated world ranking leaderboard
• Various achievements to unlock
• MOGA and MFI Game Controller support
• Pure football action!

Take a look at the Stickman Football Trailer :

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56,108 total
5 36,564 
4 7,299 
3 4,191 
2 2,185 
1 5,869 

  • Stickman Football
    Published date: July 21, 2017

    Computer team play is b.s. they catch a ball out of bounds and get a first down, shake off all 11 players in opposite team with their "special move". No chance of player 1 running back kick-off or punt for td. "Special move" feature may as well not exist for player 1. Game is too easy, blowout computer team every time. Player 1 was tackled in the end zone by the CPU Stickman rule, the ball will be placed at the 1-yard line! 8 yards for computer team to get a first down! Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Jaise Christie Published date: November 11, 2017

    a you need to update gameplay and you need to do some thing about your game. team goes offsides and intercepts the snap!! fix that. add a tackle meter and add fumbles. also add replays to make the game realistic. and fix the problem when you cant spin people on kickoffs halftime and begining kickoffs. thats it pls fix and i will make this a 5 stars and tell other people about it .and thank you in advance. Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Ashley Rivera Published date: July 21, 2017

    This game is great. It has the potential of being better though. I've been getting a bit annoyed by some things. Why does the other CPU team can catch better and their damn player block at least. My team is trash. They don't block and my teammates don't have hands or can catch. Fix this. Or at least making a 17 one. Are you forgetting about football??? Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Alex Keen Published date: December 28, 2017

    Downright the best time killer. Really enjoy it. Graphics are decent, gameplay is fun - super addictive! (And you get a good chuckle every time you tackle one of the little dudes, they fly!) Lol (YES there are ads - news flash, they're in most non-paid games, it is called set the tablet down and take a break for 30 seconds) Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Chazaq Yehoshuah Published date: September 1, 2017

    Other team kicked off and ball went into end zone. Should have been a touchback, but play continued until my player ran ball out of end zone. Clock keeps running until teams are back in huddles, then it stops. Wish there were formations for both offense and defense to select. Not a terrible game, but could stand some improvement. Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    2brosof gaming Published date: January 2, 2018

    This isnt a football game its a failure id have to run every play because the guy couldn't pass on defense why does there need to be a tackle button why cant i just run into the runner? Do NOT install this game Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    foxynosescopes103 Published date: November 22, 2017

    BEST GAME EVER! But what I don't like is that they have no penalties, fumbles, or play clock! And I wish they made Stickman College Football. Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    JayThePineappleDemon OverLord Published date: July 12, 2017

    WAY 2 many ads, whats that? You ended a period? Watch this ad to celebrate! Whats that? You won the match? Watch another ad to celebrate! Whats that? You want to unlock a season? Watxh 3 more ads or become a pro! Whats that? You want to disable all ads for 2 hours? Watch 3 ads! Whats that? You want to play the game? Watch an ad! Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Codd Published date: August 18, 2017

    Horrible controls, rediculous tackle radius, impossible pass controls, unstoppable ai. Too bad, really wanted to love it Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Published date: October 16, 2017

    Love you so much for your help and support you and your family is going to bed soon as possible and you know what to do that again please let me go 🔙 Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    keon ssj Published date: November 20, 2017

    You guys need to make a 2018 version of the game were you can customize the teams like stickman basketball 17 and add the. Custom Canadian league too and American league with the city that the leagues have and a few custom college teams also make sure we can customize all of the Jersey and also have alternate jerseys and color rush Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Naquane Gill Published date: October 26, 2017

    love it just hope a update come with time outs and more football simulation. Also a schedule option in the seasons and bowl. Hope a stickman baseball come out. Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Jacob Weiss Published date: December 30, 2017

    VERY GOOD JOB!it's a great time killer and it's really cute when I sack someone it's so cool.but big but my only complaint is the other team gets to throw like 40or 50 yards we get to throw 20 yards at the most it's a cute game .although I deleted it on accident and lost all of my progress 😔what's the point of playing it now .this game is very good Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Patricia Koon Published date: September 16, 2017

    I like it it's pretty cool because I mean who would think of Stickman football and I right now I looked up Stickman games and I'm about to get Stickman Basketball it's going to be sweet Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    CameronYts WorldofCoolness Published date: October 21, 2017

    It's a really fun at but maybe everygame has different scoreboard like in real life plus a few more run plays and pass plays also it would be cool if u could pick them eplays u want to do on offense and defense Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Amarion Biggs Published date: October 31, 2017

    It's a good game but the only thing I don't like about it is like how you tackle them it's like it's so stupid and more about what I think it is a good game I like it but it's just I really don't know it's like it be like me not know when like how to play a different game so I really don't know it's a good game hope everybody tries it out :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Published date: November 23, 2017

    Ok so you guys in the next update need to make sure when the ball crosses the plain of the end zone its a touchdown in this game you have to be at a certain point in the end zone to score it should be once you pass that plain it should be 6 points so please update Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Dotpuppy Published date: September 27, 2017

    This game has the bounciest, most annoying little characters! I get a first down, then get knocked back 15 yards by a tackle. That's to name only one example. Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Published date: December 11, 2017

    I hated it so much because first your wide receiver won't even catch the ball and your running back won't just get you nothing but he get you back yards Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Published date: September 28, 2017

    The games cool..please I'm a rugby fan so can you guys make a rugby league and union one please .. Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Quante Brinson Published date: July 24, 2017

    As an Oakland fan you did us dirty... Oakland was the second best team las t year Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Published date: November 24, 2017

    Very fun its just calling quarters periods come on now and I wish there was juking and hurdling and stuff like that otherwise its fun and a great time killer Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Published date: December 19, 2017

    Is stupid I get a inerseption and it says end of period and gives the ball to them Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Dylan Baldassarre Published date: October 15, 2017

    Like defense? Well there isnt any in this game. Also, please get rid of special moves because it makes the cpu invincible if the run the ball. Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    NFL Station Published date: August 28, 2017


  • Stickman Football
    Ant MAN Published date: November 18, 2017

    Awful! Run 15 yards and it'll say you lost 2 yards on the play. You can't block field goals but the computer can, on hard it takes 11 players to tackle the CPU using special move, yet the CPU doesn't even need to tackle to bring you down. Go into the endzone, they mark you at the 10 yard line and intercept and don't allow you to run the ball. Uninstalling Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Gregory Newpher Published date: November 24, 2017

    Game is super annoying I've never even made a two yard run I'm not bad it's just way too hard and you should put plays in the game and make it easier it's on easy mode for me and on its hard for other games but still a good time killer please make some things different and add fumbles Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    kenny nguyen Published date: November 10, 2017

    This game os dumb and I tackle but it does not count Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    james2wavvy !! Published date: July 15, 2017

    The worst game I've ever played Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Nicholas Botts Published date: December 1, 2017

    Horrible Has bad graphics it and it says required wifi but these are both and it's a scam so yeah Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Pamela Stevens Published date: August 15, 2017

    Its not that good it need to at least let you customized shirts an the teams are trash they dont block right the people that made this game need to work on that at least let us upgrade the teams or something to make them better do something about this game please😡😡😡🚮 Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    The solo guy Published date: October 24, 2017

    It's a good game but I think u should add a sprint button that lasts 5 seconds Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Mike Brown Published date: September 30, 2017

    It's not good But I like the Animations Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Ben Stresman Published date: October 19, 2017

    Potential,But it's just not a good game. The A.I. is horrible,running is guarranted to fail, and passing is inaccurate . Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Me First Published date: September 14, 2017

    I'm only giving it a four because it's addictive, and entertaining. DJINNWORKS, I want you to read this. The ads take away all of the fun. I think you should get rid of the ads. Then this game could get to be more fun. Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Published date: January 17, 2018

    Good game but passing physics are stupid and there's only 3 plays to choose from on offense and on defense u can't even choose...fix the play calling and passing physics and its a 5 star Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Franca Oliseyenum-Ugwu Published date: July 13, 2017

    It Is Rude the trainer is Rude he always wants to beat Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Pickle Rick Published date: November 7, 2017

    I love the game it's the best right next to madden.....Just one thing could you guys add referees like for delay of game or penaltys, also add weather and lastly longer games like slow the clock down.thats all Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Chris DeYoung Published date: November 7, 2017

    Way too many ads. Ads are way too long Full Review

  • Stickman Football
    Jill Smith Published date: September 16, 2017

    Baby Marshmallow better already everything Seven Stars if I could if we could have full version which I cannot but I hope you guys can help me by the way I'm talking to me Full Review